bparchitecture is the union of an architecture – interior design studio and a retailer of furnishings and supplies in the residential, commercial and hotel sectors.

bparchitecture is professionalism, technical ability, and design capacity with a passion. This means that we are always searching for new materials and textures to bring to our work. The bparchitecture client needs a professional, creative and tasteful design; and wants a firm that can deliver their needs down to the smallest detail of each project. We design uniquely detailed and personal projects for renovations or new buildings. Our level of precision in our project design does not allow for surprises in terms of budget or in the project timeline.

Our professional approach consists of actively listening to the needs of our clients and interpreting them passionately in order to make the concept come alive, whether it be a private home, a store, a restaurant, corporate or hotel space.

We design uniquely detailed and personal projects for renovations or new buildings. Our level of precision in our project design does not allow for surprises in terms of budget or in the project timeline.

We have access to over one hundred of the best furniture and home décor brands made in Italy, and with the help of our team of artisans, we guarantee the highest quality installation. With our artisan carpenters we can create custom-built pieces for any space making each project unique.

bparchitecture is a continuously evolving project, as we continue to navigate and take inspiration from the ever-evolving world of architecture and design.







Tailor-made architecture and interior design projects for renovations or new, uniquely designed homes Our design process does not allow for surprises in terms of budget or delivery timelines.


From the first moment I met Elisabetta and Paolo, I realized I would be in great hands. They took over our renovation with seriousness and professionalism. Elisabetta figured out my style and my needs perfectly and was always patient and available. Si sono occupati della ristrutturazione della nostra casa in maniera seria e impeccabile; Elisabetta ha interpretato nel migliore dei modi il mio gusto e le mie esigenze con una pazienza e una disponibilità da 10 e lode. Thank you


We’re a young couple with a new and empty house. We were lucky to have met Elisabetta and Paolo because they were able to understand our style and our lifestyle and create the HOME we didn’t know we wanted! La fortuna vuole che sul nostro percorso abbiamo incontrato Elisabetta e Paolo che hanno saputo cogliere i gusti e le necessità di entrambi consegnandoci LA CASA che volevamo ma non riuscivamo ad immaginarci! It’s perfect for us and our guests always compliment it!!! THANK YOU


Architetti in grado di trasformare i tuoi sogni in realtà! Studio all’avanguardia… veri professionisti nel campo dell’architettura d’interni e progettazioni varie, scrupolosi ed attenti alle esigenze del cliente.


Bravi e professionali ottimo risultato finale


They have many ideas, creative, efficient and patient. Elisabetta and Paolo can make dreams come true.


Efficiency and elegance. We were very happy. A perfectly executed project.


Very professional, great taste in the choice of textiles and furniture. Very good

G. F.

Elisabetta and Paolo have worked on more than one project for us: from designing a walk-in closet, to an addition/renovation of an apartment and now the renovation an entire house with a separate studio building, pool, backyard, creating an independent apartment on the interior of the existing property and refreshing the furnishings of an existing unit. In each of these projects they were able to define the essence of our requests. Their style met our expectations every time. And if there is only one thing about them that can stand out, it is their professionalism in respecting the project timeline, the costs and finally, their professional role. We really love working with them…they know how to give life to what is, for us, only ideas and pictures. Thank you, guys


Gli architetti Elisabetta Piotti e Paolo Bussi si sono occupati della ristrutturazione del nostro studio legale. Con rapidità e competenza hanno capito le nostre esigenze, realizzando uno studio caldo e luminoso. Ci hanno poi supportato efficacemente nella scelta nel materiale d’arredo. Sono bravi, competetenti e veloci. Li consiglio.


Great capacity of interpreting spaces, seriousness and professional, high-quality materials, design and latest trends. Studio BP stands out: “Pioneers by passion, visionaries by attitude”

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